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Race Disciplines

 Event Location

Our 2024 event will move a little closer to Melbourne with Race HQ only 2hrs from the CBD at Blue Rock Lake. The lake is situated next to the small town of Willow Grove in West Gippland, and only 20mins drive from both Warragul and Moe. 

Blue Rock was home to a famous multisport event called the Blue Rock Classic that involved swimming, kayaking, cycling, running and horse-riding. Certainly a very interesting event!


Explore Gippsland Adventure Race has pushed the best adventure teams in the country since 2021 with challenging but scenic courses.


The Gippsland region of Victoria has stunning landscapes perfect for exploring, and we know how to find the best places to show you. 

Join us for the 4th Chapter of the event on 16-17th March, 2024 in an new location only 2hrs drive to the east of Melbourne. 

Explore Gippsland's highly respected management team brings more racing experience than any other event in Australia. 



24hr - A1 Series

The premier event is the 24hr course, and for the first time we will offer 2 person teams as well as the established 4 person teams.

Expected winning time is approx 20 hrs (including bonus CP's), and the course will close after 25hrs. 

Explore Gippsland is a member of the Adventure 1 national series. Teams of 4 competitors are eligible for points to contribute towards the National Adventure Racing series title. 

National A1 Series winners will receive a free entry to the Asia World Cup- Ironbound Malaysia in November 2024. 


The 12hr event will still involve navigation, kayaking, tough mountain biking and trekking but is more suitable to athletes with less experience. 

Teams consist of 2 people.
Expected winning time is approx 10hrs and last team will be on the course about 18hrs. 


3-6hrs - Sprint

The perfect event to get your teeth into Adventure Racing with a challenge that is achievable, fun and inspiring. 

Approximate distances are 5km Kayak, 12km Bike, 8km Run. 

Race Disciplines

  • Trail Running/Trekking

  • Mountain Biking

  • Paddling

  • All races involve navigation with map and compass

Race Format

All Explore Gippsland events will be 'un-supported' format. What does this mean? It means you do not need to bring your own support crew and we will do the hard work for you.. 


Can I still bring my family and friends? 

Absolutely. But they won’t need to wash your bikes or load boats onto cars so they will actually enjoy their weekend away. 


There are several places where your supporters will be able to watch and cheer you on, and we can suggest some fun tourist activities. 

Preliminary Schedule


We wouldn't be able to conduct great events like this without the great support of friendly volunteers able to lend a hand during the event. Perhaps you have a family member who would like to help, and see how your team is performing during the event? Or maybe you want to check out what an Adventure Race is all about before taking the plunge yourself?

Please get in touch (using this form) if you are interested in helping. Your costs, meals and a voucher to a future event are all ways we will show our appreciation for your help. 

Mandatory Equipment (preliminary)

Mandatory Equipment for the 3 different events are listed below.

24hr course: Google Spreadsheet. 

12hr course : Google Spreadsheet. 

3hr course : Google Spreadsheet.


Below is version 1 of the Explore Gippsland Logistics Planner for 2022. This is just an example for new teams to get a better understanding of the information you will be provided with and the lengths of each discipline you can expect in 2023. 

Race Format
Race Schedule
Event Location
Mandatory Equipment
EG2022-30hrLogistics Planner.png
EG2022 13hr Logistics Planner.png
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